The company is proud to be associated with Stork Sugar, Netherlands, for the manufacturing of an energy-efficient three-roller sugar mill & Dedini- Brazil for the manufacturing of Boilers in past.

Sugar has become an indispensable and essential commodity in our daily lives. The industry has been rapidly growing to meet the increasing demands, both in our country and abroad. ATV saw the potential of the industry and ventured into this field almost a decade and a half back. It is now one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of sugar plants and machinery on a turnkey basis in the country.

The company is fully equipped to supply sugar plants ranging from 1250 TCD to 10000 TCD. ATV’s expertise lies not only in setting up new plants that are most cost-effective and use the latest technology but also in modernizing and expanding the capacities of existing plants. The company also manufactures energy-efficient boiling house equipment such as juice heaters, evaporators, condensers, syrup sulfites, and several others.

The company’s foray into the sweet world began with the manufacturing of sub-assemblies for sugar plants. The first challenge for turnkey projects came when it executed a 1250TCD sugar plant at Nanpara in Uttar Pradesh. Although heavy floods disrupted the works for 3 months, the project was completed in a record period of 11 months. Till then the industry norm for setting up a sugar plant was about 18 months. Thus the company succeeded in setting a new standard with its very first project.

Armed with the confidence of this success, ATV went on to take up one challenging project after another. A 1250 TCD plant executed by it at Parner, Donelly Maharashtra is India’s first fully modernized sugar plant. It incorporated fibrizor, Donelly Chute for mills, high-pressure boilers, and other advanced features in this plant.

ATV Also Undertook Modernization And Expansion Of Sugar Plants From 1250 TCD To 2500 TCD For Kisan Sahakari Chini Mills, U.P And From 2500 TCD To 4000 TCD For Padmashri Dr. V. V. Patil, SSK Ltd., Pravaranagar, Maharashtra.

The Company Is Proud To Be Associated With Stork Sugar, Netherlands, For The Manufacturing Of An Energy-Efficient Three-Roller Sugar Mill & Dedini- Brazil For The Manufacturing Of Boilers.

The company has perfected the art of co-generation of steam and power using bagasse, a waste generated in the sugar plant. The huge energy demand/ supply gap in the country makes co-generation an attractive proposition for the sugar industry, as no additional cost is incurred for fuel procurement.

ATV – Dedini boilers offer one of the highest thermal efficiency levels among steam generation plants for the Indian sugar industry. Specially designed tangent tubes of the furnace provide a large heating surface and minimum maintenance for the refractory linings.

The government’s ongoing liberalization program has made the setting up of sugar plants more attractive for entrepreneurs. ATV is confident of playing a more significant role in this rapidly growing industry. Thanks to ATV, it is a sweeter world for the sugar industry.