The Chemicals and Petrochemicals industry sector was recognized as one of the priority sectors for growth in the eighties, identifying the immense potential this vital sector in the growing Indian economy. ATV entered into this field to manufacture and install various types of critical and non-critical process equipment for the industry.

ATV has designed and manufactured virtually every type of process Equipment that can be found in a chemical or petrochemical plant.

Way back in the early 80’s it had supplied critical pressure Vessel and heat Exchangers to the Phenol Recovery Unit of Hindustan Organic chemicals Ltd. at their Cochin plant and to the organic chemicals PLANT AT Raysoni Complex in Maharashtra.

ATV Has Designed Manufactured And Constructed

LPG Storage And Handling/Horton Spheres For IOCL, Kanpur, Karnal And Jamshedpur As Well As Large Oil Terminals At Jaipur And Sidhpur For Kandla Bhatinda Pipe Line Tops Of IOCL On Turnkey Basis ATV Has Developed Special Expertise For The Designing And Construction Of Horton Spheres, Which Are One Of The Most Sophisticated And High Technology Equipment, Matching International Quality And Standards.

In the late 80’s Petrochemical feed stock

became scarce in the country and a majority of the chemical Industries switched over to alcohol based downstream units AT became one of the few pioneering engineering and construction companies to design engineer, manufacture and construct alcohol bases chemical Complexes in the country. One such chemical project in southern Maharashtra near Pune comprising an Acetaldehyde plant, Glyoxal Unit and Ethyl Acetal plant along with integrated utilities and offsite facilities were successfully executed by ATV for Padmashri, Dr.V.V.Patil Sahkari Sakhar kharkhana Ltd., Pravaranagar.In fact, ATV is continuously providing the client umbrella Engineering service at their Pravaranagar site, Where an onsite team performs Engineering and constructions service for their ongoing projects, including upgradation and modernization of their plant.