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Manufacturing Division
Manufacturing Facilities
Rolling Machine
a) Capacity – 1.8 to 10 m wide
b) Thickness – Cold – up to 95 mm
c) Minimum Diameter – 250 to 600 mm
d) Make – Southwark, Himalaya
e) Quantity – 5 Nos.
Welding Equipment /Process
a) Automatic submerged arc welding with column & boom and self0aligning rotators. This machine can weld all type of circumferential & longitudinal joints.
• Make – Advani Oerlikton
• Model – UP-15-CP (BM)
b) SAW LAE 800 with Tractor – 2 nos.
c) SAW CPRA 1200 with Tractor – 1 no.
d) TIG welding – for Stainless Steel, Ferrous & Non Ferrous material
e) Pulsed TIG welding – for Stainless Steel & sheet metal & difficult fit ups.
f) Shielded Manual Metal Arc welding
i) D.C Generator - 10 nos.
ii) D.C Rectifier - 40 nos.
iii) MIG Welding m/c -5 nos.
g) Welding Rotators with idlers
i) 100 MT Capacity - 1 no.
ii) 50 MT Capacity - 3 nos.
iii) 30 MT Capacity - 1 no.
iv) 20 MT Capacity - 1 no.
Hydraulic Press
b) Capacity – 1000 MT each
c) Stroke – 900mm, 1500mm
d) Day Light – 2800mm x 5000/6000mm
e) Dished end capacity – 6mtr. Dia
f) Horton sphere petal capacity – 3.1m wide x 9.1m long
g) Quantity – 1 of each
h) Pressing Capacity (Max) – 150mm
Tube Expander
a) Power master tube expanding drive F=3N with torque multiplier.
b) P series three rollers adjustable thrust collar type.
c) Fully automatic solid state digital torque panel TSD-S-23010 Mandrels with doption of different size expanders for various sizes of tube expanding.
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